Stay safe when shopping this holiday season: a primer on cyber-security

The holiday season is almost upon us; you’ve worked out your shopping lists, honed in the bet deals, and checked that the credit card isn’t overdrawn; maybe you have even installed apps on your smartphone that enable you to compare prices at the swipe of a screen – surely it’s time therefore to hit the stores! Or is it? Are you aware of cyber-security? Just how safe will you and your loved ones be when out Christmas shopping this year? Here are just a few of the things you should consider when hitting the stores and whipping out the credit card this holiday season.

Shop safely!

With the credit cards and ATMs that dominate the contemporary shopping scene, identity theft and data breach is always a threat. When you check by jowl with other shoppers during the holiday season, the risks are even greater. Here are some of the things to look out for…

Credit card skimming: these are electronic devices that slide over the top of a genuine credit card reader, and steal your details as you swipe your card through when doing a transaction. Be on the alert for machines that don’t seem to be working properly or that display any irregularities (piastra per capelli lisci a Roma).

Pinhole cameras: other criminals place these nearby ATM machines and card readers in order to capture your pin. Make sure to place your hand over the keypad when entering the PIN so that this can’t happen.

Credit card, not debit card: credit cards are a safer option than debit cards, as at least they provide you with fraud protection.

Near field communication (NFC) risks: if you pay for your products using a smartphone or contactless card, then realize that these devices use NFC technology which means they can monitored and intercepted remotely. If a person is lingering strangely around cash registers, then it may mean they are trying to capture your payment data via this means. When making purchases with your smartphone or payment card, insist that everyone move several feet away from you before proceeding.

Monitor credit card and bank statements: especially during busy holiday periods, you should keep an eye on these statements lest you find any unauthorized transactions. The quicker you do that, the quicker you can take steps to reduce your exposure.

Protect yourself against theft

You don’t want to find the perfect gift and then have somebody else make off with it. Here are some tips to follow…

Don’t leave anything inside the car: the electronic car locking systems that are now standard in vehicles make use of a scheme of codes or algorithms that intelligent criminals can access via the internet and use to gain access to your car’s trunk.

Home deliveries: you can protect yourself from having items stolen from your doorstep by requiring a signature for deliveries, or having items delivered instead to your office or some other alternative location piastra a vapore Marzo 2019.

Connected devices

Smart phones, cameras and other devices that are connected to the Internet for one reason or another are popular purchases during the holiday season – but they are also capable of being used to collect your personal information, including banking details, WiFi password and so on. Many of these devices were not designed with security concerns in mind – as consumers we need to start demanding that manufacturers make this a top priority.