Fitness tips that you won’t regret reading

Fitness is something that everybody should do at least in some capacity, because exercising will keep you healthy and feeling good. However, if you are just starting out in the world of working out and getting in shape, the huge amount information that is available on the internet and in other information outlets can be very confusing. So to make sure that you don’t get lost in the wast amount of fitness knowledge, here are some of the most valuable fitness tips, that I wish I knew when I started getting into exercising, eating healthy and being fit.

You need carbs

There is this huge stigma around carbs that is hunting the fitness and nutrition world, because many people still think that the only way how to lose fat is to cut out all carbs. But the truth is that your body actually need carbs, because carbs is like fuel to our organisms. And especially is you are exercising regularly you need to consume carbs at at least before your workouts, for your body to be able to get through the sweat session and not crash. Of coarse that also doesn’t give you a free pass to stuff your face with pasta, white bread and other foods that are rich in carbs. But it does mean that you need some carbs, even if it is in a form of a couple of crackers, to fuel your next exercising session.

Train in intervals

It might seem like running, cycling or doing any other cardio workout slowly and for a long time might give you better results, bet the truth is that it is better to do cardio in intervals than to just jogging slowly for 40 minutes. So next time it is your cardio day instead of just running in one pace, add in a 20 to 60 second sprints every couple of minutes. Usually this is done by setting up intervals, for example that you sprint 20 seconds and then run at slower pace for 2 minutes to catch your breath. Andhe same techniques can also be applied to any other cardio workout, be it cycling, working out on the elliptical or any other cardio heavy workout. Intervals are great, because not only this type of workout will burn more calories, but also build muscle faster and you will be able to train your endurance, too, because you will really be pushing yourself during the sprints, especially on the second half of your training session.

Make it fun

And lastly probably the best advice I have for those who are just starting to work out is to make the work outs fun or do exercises that are fun to you. One of the main reasons why people stop exercising regularly or can’t force themselves to get moving because they hate or at least dislike the workouts they are doing. So to ensure, that you keep on with your exercises, you should do the fitness activities that you enjoy, be it yoga, dance class, cross fit, boxing or simple running in the fresh air. But what to do if you just can’t seem t find anything that gets you excited about working out? Then maybe you should go different route and instead of finding workouts that you like, search for people that you like working out with. This, too, can also push you to exercise, just because you will want to meet your workout buddies.