Best fitness apps

Best fitness apps

As hard as it usually is to get yourself to exercise, the feeling after the workout is great because you feel like you are getting stronger and fitter. However, to actually find the motivation to work out, can be troubling, since an exercise session isn’t on most peoples minds in the mornings before work or school or in the evenings after a hard days work. So to keep you inspired to work out and to help you exercise in a way that is beneficial to your health, here are some of the best fitness apps, that will get you working out in no time.


If you want an app to be able to track all of your workouts from running to biking to even walking or Nordic walking, then you might want to try out Endomondo. It is a free app that is available not only for Android or IOS phones, but also for BlackBerry and Windows Phone smartphones, so no matter what type of device you have, you will be able to use Endomondo. In addition to tracking your fitness activity, which mind you it does pretty accurately even if your are working in a more remote area, it also offers coaching and training plans, if you wish to pay for the premium version of the app, and it might be worth it, because these features will make your workout tracking experience even better.

Spotify Running

If you are someone who likes to listen to music while running but are getting suck of making new and new playlists or ending up running in silence, because your playlist was too short? Well we have a solution for you in the form of Spotify Running. It is a free app which is part of the ever so popular Spotify network. How it works is it measures the pace you are running in and matches it to the songs that have the beats per minute that corresponds to your running pace. This way you can keep your pace up just by listening to music as well as discover new tracks that might become your new workout anthems.


Another activity tracking app is Moves, however this one is different, because you don’t have to remember to click start a the beginning of your workout in order for the app to track your movements. Moves can be downloaded for free and it actually is intended as a pedometer, because it counts the steps you take each day and the distance you have traveled each day. But it can be amazing tool also if you are traveling and you want to track where you have been or simply if you want to know how much activity you get each day.


And for those who want to count their calories and see how much they eat in a day, the LoseIt app will be perfect. LoseIt actually is a website that lets you track your nutrition online, but now in the app century it is a free app too that can be used on Android, iOS as well as Nook and Kindle devices. You can make your own weight loss plan on the app or set up the goal weight you want to have after a specific time period, and the app will show how much calories you should consume according to your weight, height, age and such. On top of that you can even log your workouts on this app, so all your weightloss information in one place.

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