Best summer workouts

When I think of summer I think not only of sunshine and warm weather, but also of all the summer activities that I can do because it is warm outside. And one of these activities is also working out outside, so let me list a few of my favorite workouts that are best suited for the summertime.

Running on the beach

One of the best workouts in summer is beach running, and there are a couple of reasons why I think so. Firstly beach is beautiful setting for running by itself, which is why I enjoy running on the beach so much. Many times I have trouble forcing myself to go for a run, but if there is the possibility that I can go for a beach run, then the unpleasantness of running falls away and I am left with excitement for building a stronger body. Speaking of strength, beach running also is more challenging than say running on a pavement or a trail, therefore it also is more beneficial as a workout. And thirdly beach running will be a challenge for you even if you are experienced runner and run several times week. Just make sure that before you run you gear up, meaning that you need to wear things like sunscreen and sunglasses so the sun isn’t shining in your face, running shoes so the stones on the beach don’t hurt your feet and appropriate running outfit for a beach, since often it is very windy on the beach.


Swimming is the second best summer workout, because it lets you enjoy the water, especially if you are swimming in a lake or even in the sea or the ocean, while getting in an intense, full body workout. There is something about summer and large bodies of water, hence why so many people spend their summer vacations near water and why pool parties are a summer staple. On top of that water also is a great workout if you are recovering from an injury, because water doesn’t put that much strain on your joints and muscles as workouts on dry land do. In fact research even shows that it is better to swim if you are recovering from an injury, than it is to recover by doing nothing but resting, because this way your body will keep moving and keep its strength up so after the injury is healed you don’t have to start all over again with your fitness journey.


And lastly something as seemingly not so intensive as hiking can be a perfect summer workout, too, especially for those hotter summer days. Hiking in itself is more intensive than simple walking, however, it is also no as high-impact as running, so it can be done even by those who suffer from bad knees. And it is great for hot summer days, because hiking trails usually are in the woods or in areas with larger tree coverage, therefore it will be shaded and not as hot as if you would be walking down a open road and the sun would be beating down on you. SO if you want to enjoy the warm summer days and the nature, hen hiking as one of your weekly workouts could be perfect for you.