Best post workout foods

Many fitness experts say that diet is just as important if not more important if you want to lose weight or build muscle, since in workout world the saying “You are what you eat” is more than true. And although it is important to eat something about 60 to 30 minutes before your workout, to be able to exercise and to not get tired after just a few minutes, it is more important to make sure you eat the right foods after the workout, since the food you eat right after an exercising session will determine how fast your muscles and body will recover and how much of a body tone you will get from your workout.

After a workout, especially if it was one that was on the more intensive side, your body goes into recovery mode, trying to replenish all the nutrients it lost during your intense exercise session. So you need to make sure that you replenish some of those nutrients and give your body what it needs without overloading it with carbs and redoing all the progress you did during your workout.

The best foods to eat post workout are those that are high in protein, since protein will help your muscle recover quickly as well as will help with muscle growth. So things like eggs, grilled chicken or salmon with some vegetables or some sandwiches made from whole wheat bread will work great. Just make sure you don’t overload these foods with things like oil and different condiments like mayonnaise and such, since that will make the food less healthy and will add calories to your meal that you definitely don’t want.

Another thing that you should have in your post workout meal is carbohydrates, but not just any carbohydrates, but complex ones that break down slowly and will keep your strength up even after you have had intense workout of that carbs will also help your body build the muscle you worked out for.

For those who are on the go, an actual meal isn’t a must, since you can have a protein smoothie, too, and it will help you recover from your workout and go on with your day. Or just have a chocolate milk, since research shows that chocolate milk could be the ultimate post workout snack. That is because in chocolate milk there is everything your body needs at the post workout stage – protein, carbs as well as fluids, calcium, sodium and sugar that all needs to be replenished after you finish a workout session. So now you know what are your options for a post workout snack or meal, so the workout you had can actually benefits your over all fitness.